Durrus Cheese

As cheesemakers go, Jeffa is one of the big ones, a trailblazer who put West Cork produce on the map. Despite all the acclaim, Jeffa Gill is an unassuming lady who loves where she lives and what she does. As she says, back in the early days, she ran a farm in remote West Cork, milked cows, made cheese and raised two children -whilst still managing to have a social life! That energy and drive is what has made Durrus cheese the iconic farmhouse cheese it is – a handcrafted award winning product with consistent quality and continued succes over thirty odd years. Durrus reflects its place of birth in the upland valley of Comkeen, on the majestic Sheep’s Head Peninsula. The subtle nuances of taste and texture echo the wild beauty of this area, the passion and commitment of the cheesemaker, and the fresh diverse flavours of creamy milk from cows grazed on mountainside grass pastures, bathed by Atlantic sea mists. All the elements of environment and terrain of this region are represented in one beautiful mouthful of Durrus cheese.