15/02/2017 – Project Art at Chapter One

Our series of blogs last year entitled Great Food Makes Great Art was inspired by the extensive art collection of Bill Kelly of Kelly’s Resort in Rosslare. Just recently, we’ve discovered yet another of our members who also enjoys collecting art which has a deep connection to food.

Our series of blogs last year entitled Great Food Makes Great Art was inspired by the extensive art collection of Bill Kelly of Kelly’s Resort in Rosslare. Just recently, we’ve discovered yet another of our members who also enjoys collecting art which has a deep connection to food. 

Ross Lewis of Chapter One has a penchant for original art. Well, he’s an artist himself, as anyone who has ever eaten his food will attest. The balance of textures and flavours, combined with his exquisite presentation of superlative ingredients cooked to perfection, is nothing short of a work of art on every plate.

So it makes sense that he would love to link his own attention to detail and creativity in food with the paintings and drawings of some extremely passionate artists.  

Inspired by a dual passion for food and art, Ross launched Project [email protected] Chapter One in 2011. The idea brings together art, food and Chapter One’s customers, in a specially commissioned collection which is added to biannually, during the Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer seasons. Nominated artists are given a brief to create a piece using any media, to grace the restaurant menu of the chosen season. 

Works in the Project Art Collection include a wonderful interpretation of two hares in motion entitled ‘Running in Pairs’, by Irish based Norwegian artist Magnhild Opdol. This pencil drawing specially created for Chapter One was inpsired by the hunting season of Autumn/Winter.

‘Hold 2009 – 2012’  is a work by artist Damien Flood, who gave a previous painting ‘a new lease of life’ for the Chapter One collection. Which is very apt, since the painting represents the rebirth of the  spring season.

Stephanie Rowe’s unamed painting in this collection depicts a characterful room scene with period furniture, table causally set, and a smartly dressed lady entering. It represents  the connection of humans and food, with the wider story of the restaurant and its ingredients. The imagery is key to a work which Stephanie Rowe says she wanted ‘to feel familiar, as opposed to foreign or exotic’. This particular painting certainly has the feel of a bygone Dublin about it, with the elegant living which may have existed in some of the big townhouses of the day. 

Katie Holten’s ‘Shape of Time’ is a line drawing of a potato plant, showing the delicate structure of the roots and the formation of the humble spuds which grow prolifically in our rich dark soil. It’s a beautiful work which brings to mind how important the potato  was in pre-famine times, when the average man ate around 16lb of potatoes dressed with buttermilk every day, and how much devastation was caused when potato crops failed in the famine years of 1845-50. This work, inspired by the artist’s curiosity with organic and man-mad  life systems, tells a very powerful story in the simplest of ways.

The Project Art Collection Menu Covers are available for purchase at Chapter One, alongside some limited edition prints available to patronsCongratulations to Ross Lewis on beginning a wonderful collection which looks set to grow over the years. We can’t wait to see what the next original art work to adorn the menus of Chapter One will look like!