Naas Farmers Market

Naas farmer’s market was set up six years ago, and now provides everything a weekly shopper needs to keep the cupboard and fridge well stocked.  It’s pretty courtyard setting at Trax Brasserie makes this market a seriously great place to showcase local produce at its best.  Naas is managed by Siobhan Popplewell, who strives to keep up the high standard of goods available.  There are over twenty stalls here – and quite impressive they are too. Find local home baking and patisserie from Andrea’s Baking, an array of specialties from Sheridan’s high end deli items from the Good Food Gallery in Kilcullen, Mediterranean food from The Real Olive Company, fabulous pies of every description from Sarah Webb’s Gallic Kitchen and treats like handmade chocolates from ChocOneill.  The basics are also here – plenty of fresh fruit and veg from local growers, handmade sausages from Good Food Ireland member Jane Russell, and an array of fresh fish from Kilmore Quay, Wexford.The beauty of this market is the social aspect too.  In the centre of the courtyard, table seating under umbrellas provides the perfect spot for a bit of lunch after the shopping’s done. Enjoy the freshly cooked crepes, or a hot bite from the barbecue. Don’t miss a cup of what Siobhan describes as ‘the best coffee ever’ – a South American blend from the Seccoto coffee company. It’s all here – what more could you want?