27/01/2017 – Glenilen Launch New Thick & Fruity Range

Alan and Valerie Kingston of Glenilen Farm have taken their business from a small family dairy production to a progressive dairy farm adding value to their core ingredient of home produced milk. In the early days, Valerie traversed local farmer’s markets to sell  her home made cheesecakes which are made from the rich creamy milk of the dairy herd her husband Alan manages. Demand grew, and with it, the idea that making stuff from your own milk could catch on! Alan and Valerie Kingston of Glenilen Farm have taken their business from a small family dairy production to a progressive dairy farm adding value to their core ingredient of home produced milk. 

From these small beginnings, Glenilen is a modern success story of how you can grow your business without compromising quality and ethos. 

In the heart of the West Cork Countryside, Glenilen is a farm where nothing much has changed in real terms. Yes, the production is bigger and now includes a state of the art visitor viewing gallery and tasting rooms. Yes, due to demand, the milk of the farm herd has now been joined by milk from neighbouring farms, as Valerie’s early cheesecakes have been added to with an award winning dairy produce range. 

These include farmhouse butter, yoghurts, crème fraiche, cheesecakes, frozen yoghurts, kids yogurts and fresh bottled pasteurised non-homogenised milk in limited quantities for specialist outlets. But the same principles and ethics apply. Glenilen employs local labour and remains a small independent family run farm

So just when you think the Kingstons may be thinking about resting on their laurels for a while and enjoying the fruits of their labour, they go and introduce a new product which wows us all over again. This couple never take their eyes off the ball. There is always an improvement to make, a new product to be created. All of this done without losing sight of the initial ethics and practices they have held from day one.

The latest introduction to the Glenilen Farm range is the Thick and Fruity yoghurt range. Fans of the existing yoghurts, which have a layer of fruit puree topped with creamy natural yogurt, will now find both these elements combined in one lovely pot. 

Made with natural probiotic ‘live’ yoghurt, the Glenilen Farm ‘Thick and Fruity’ range is available in three delicious flavours including, Strawberry, Apple & Blackberry and a Thick & Creamy Vanilla. Bursting with fruit, ‘Thick and Fruity’ has an average 20% (average 8% in similar products) fruit content in each of its 450g serving pots. 

This fruity wholesome yoghurt can be enjoyed on its own or as a delicious topping on your favourite snack. In 2017 customers will also see the introduction of new Limited Edition flavours in the range.

Commenting on the launch, Alan Kingston owner of Glenilen Farm says, “The launch of “Thick and Fruity” is a new departure for Glenilen Farm as we have traditionally made yoghurts with our iconic layer of fruit with yoghurt on top. We are delighted to now have in our range this same combination of real fruit and live natural yoghurt, but all stirred up together. It allows the consumer to enjoy Glenilen Farm yoghurt in a different way and appeals to existing and new customers of our yoghurt”


A recent survey carried out by Glenilen Farm on ‘How You Eat Your Yoghurt?’ revealed some interesting results among yogurt lovers. Have a look at these and see if any of them fit your style!

  • When opening their favourite yogurt, it was found that 51% of respondents preferred  to  scrape the lid,  compared to 34% who see themselves as ‘lid lickers’. Only  15% simply throw the lid away. We’d be licking and scraping because we wouldn’t want to waste a single bit!

  • The research showed that 62% of those surveyed think of yogurt as a healthy food choice option.

  • The survey revealed that a tea spoon (86%) is the preferred choice when tucking into a yogurt.

  • Liquorice, Turkish Delight, Pumpkin Pie and Cappuccino were highlighted as the weirdest yoghurt flavours respondents have ever tried. While eggs, toast and a pizza sauce were the strangest food items respondents said had been served with a yogurt topping. We’re really not sure about this combo!

However you like yours, whether you choose the little yoghurt pots with their layer of puree and thick natural yoghurt on top, or opt for the new ready mixed Thick and Fruity range – one thing you can be sure of is the same commitment to quality in each pot. That’s why we love Glenilen! 

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