It’s almost the end of April, the year is moving swiftly along. Late spring is developing nicely into early summer, with perennial flowers and shrubs coming to life. But Ireland’s vegetable patches are not quite there yet! There is some growth, but more promise of what's to come! We are in the period between the sparse offerings of the winter months  and the generous bounteousness of summer.  This year’s kale and Brussels sprouts crops are now making way for baby spinach, spring cabbages and leeks. Young carrots, parsnips and swedes are perfect for light brothy stews with new season Lamb.  It will be a while yet before we enjoy the first of summer’s soft fruits. But we can still make the most of spring rhubarb for pies, crumbles, mousses and fools. Shellfish lovers are already enjoying early catches of this year’s crab and prawns.  Young lamb has been in the shops since Easter, and is gradually developing a more intense sweet flavour from grazing on rich spring grass. Eating seasonally is easy to do, when you are willing to be adaptable and accept that not every ingredient is always available (nor should it be!) all year round. Buying your fresh ingredients this way makes the weekly shop into an exciting adventure instead of a necessary chore – creating a real celebration of what’s new in the market  each passing week. Who are we to argue with that – we could all benefit from something to celebrate in the  daily process of feeding the family!