The Irish summer berry season is now in full flow. Lots of juicy homegrown strawberries, raspberries, loganberries, tayberries, blackcurrants and other delicious soft fruits supplied by our soft fruit growers. You may even find Irish cherries and peaches in very small amounts. This lovely recipe was makes use of all this seasonal fruit, devised by Myrtle Allen, the Doyenne of Irish food herself,  and recipient of a Hall of Fame accolade  in our inaugural ceremony  last year. Summer Fruit Salad with Sweet Geranium Leaves looks delicious doesn't it? We bet you're very tempted to have a go at making it for dessert over the weekend! The fruit mix can be changed to match your own tastes – but keep the proportions of fruit to syrup to ensure you get the right flavour balance. Enjoy the fruits of a typical Irish summer!