Many women know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Well it looks like it also works for women too, according to  60000 Irish singles who are members of  Elite Singles dating site.  A member survey was conducted by Elite recently,  in order to find out the most and least attractive pastimes a potential partner could have,  for those looking for love. Apparently, the Irish are no longer so impressed by someone whose hobby might be jet ski-ing,  surfing  white water rafting or any of the other exhilirating adventure sports activities.  Gaelic sports, soccer and equestrian activities are also a no no, allegedly. The  Elite Singles survey  highlights a big swing toward arty interests like reading and photography.  Results show the top three activites most attractive to a single looking for a mate are – drum roll here please – travelling, going to the cinema, and wait for it – fine dining!! Yes, eating out is a turn on, it’s official!! If you are looking for love and want to impress on a first date, you can do far worse than booking a table at a little restaurant and enjoying a delicious meal together. Candles flickering, low music playing,  a selection of dishes you can both try and a bottle of wine to accompany – sharing is caring after all! Add to that recipe some sparkling conversation and a sense of humour and you could be hitting the high notes with the person on the opposite side of the table!  Dont take our word for it. Choose a restaurant from our listings, pick your partner and see if good food brings on the mood for love! Let us know how you get on and if there’s a Good Food Ireland inspired wedding as the outcome – we want an invite!