The tradition of ‘Drowning the Shamrock’ on Saint Patrick’s Day has a story. This longstanding ceremony dates back to times when the Lenten fasting was observed keenly. March 17th was the one day during Lent when abstinence and fasting rules were relaxed.  Even the most devout Catholics would succomb to a little sip to toast the Patron Saint of Ireland. Fresh shamrock was placed in the last drink of the day, then removed and tossed over the left shoulder of the drinker. He would then down the contents of the glass to conclude the celebrations of the day.

They are drowning the shamrock in style at Culloden Estate and Spa this Saint Patrick’s Day. The bar staff have come up with some Irish themed cocktails to celebrate the Saint. You can also enjoy a bowl of Irish Stew and a pint of Guinness at the Cultra Inn on the estate, on March 17th. Click the link here for more details on Cocktails Galore at Culloden this Saint Patrick’s Day!