Imagine the peaceful countryside near Birr, Co. Offaly. The birds are singing in the hedgerows. A family pony chomps quietly in pasture. The wood is alive with growth. One man takes his basket for a wander and comes back with a gathering of wild free food. Gordon Greene is that man. He is a forager who believes he is ‘Caretaker of the land – not Cultivator of the land.’ Gordon and his wife Sharon form The Wild Irish Foragers and Preservers artisan company, based in their home in Shinrone, Co Offaly. Sharon is The Preserver. She takes what Gordon has collected and makes it into wonderful fruit cheeses, jellies, sauces and syrups, using time honoured recipes which have history. The pair form the magical link between wild natural ingredients and old recipes from a bygone era. Hawthorn and Gorse Blossoms, clover, meadowsweet, Rosehip and Elder berries are just some of the pickings from the land around the Greene Family farm. This pair are gentle souls who appreciate what nature has given them in their chosen place to live. From that comes a unique range of preserves. Gordon and Sharon Greene take food right back to it’s roots.