It’s the time of year when a glass of fizz is popular. Celebrations of the season include weddings, christenings and first communions, not to mention summer's usual clutch of 18th birthday parties and Leaving Certificate graduations. If you’ve opened a bottle of fizz and haven’t quite drunk it all (though we can’t imagine why you wouldn’t!) there is a well known tip for keeping the bubbles in the open bottle until you want to pour the next glass. The old trick of inserting a  teaspoon  into the neck of the bottle, handle pointing down so the bowl of the spoon sticks out, seems to work every time in bubble maintenance while the open bottle is in the fridge,  though most of us don’t quite know why! But according to a little tip on the kitchn website, there is also a way to rejuvenate champagne and other sparkling wines that have gone almost flat.  Apparently, if you drop a raisin into the open bottle of fizz, this should encourage remaining carbon dioxide in the wine to stick to the rasin’s surface and release back into the wine as bubbles, thus rejuvenating the fizz!  That's our amazing  Friday Food Fact for this week – follow the link above to read more.