Gourmet & Cooking Experience – Cork

We’re taking you to Cork, Ireland’s food capital, where you will indulge your senses in a food experience like no other.

We’re taking you to one of our favourite corners of Ireland, Cork, thought by many to be Ireland’s food capital. And we’re not surprised, because there certainly is a feast of local produce on hand. From butter churners, to cheese creators, to Ballycotton’s wealthy supply of fish, to locally grazed meats, to name but a few, Cork has it all. We’re taking you to a selection of its tastiest places to indulge in plates where all this fabulous food is allowed to shine.

Your first stop will be the 5 Star luxury of Hayfield Manor. Step into a different world, as you’re greeted in true Manor House style and shown to your room. You will be here for two indulgent nights, so get acquainted with the 5 Star lifestyle. Slip on slippers and a robe, peek out the windows at the leafy surrounds, and take a long soak in a luxurious tub. Then, get dressed-up to eat dinner in their luxury dining room. Orchids restaurant will fascinate you with each intrinsically decorated plate. Each bite of perfectly cooked food, each taste of this manor house living.

After a relaxing night’s sleep, take to the bustle of city life. Go to the Butter Museum, for a tour of this famed Cork Produce, so important its price used to be called out each morning on the London Stock Market. After you’ve had your fill of butter, it’s time to enter the vibrant community that is the English Market. Meet our family of producers and learn about their endless passion and delicious foods, stop to sample bites here and there, sit for a while at Farmgate Café, indulge in a producers’ platter – brimming with local produce. Look about, take in the fresh fish and fruit and veg displays, note the busy hive of people buying up all this good food.

Head back to Hayfield to freshen up, then a chauffeur awaits to take you to the picturesque seaside town of Kinsale. Dinner will be served at the famous Fishy Fishy restaurant where we recommend the fish. This is freshly caught, pulled from the ocean and cooked to perfection in this acclaimed seafood restaurant. Taste the ocean in each bite, and perhaps sip on a little wine to truly heighten the flavour. End the night with a nightcap at Hayfield Manor, followed by a long comforting sleep in the luxury of your room.

Wake to another full breakfast, before packing your bags and heading to the Allen family’s food paradise at Ballymaloe. Your afternoon here begins with a hands on cooking demonstration. Get right into the mix at this famed cooking school’s kitchen, before sitting down to a hearty meal of your hard work. This is locally sourced ingredients cooked in deliciously simple and rustic ways.

Spend the night at Ballymaloe House and indulge in a day at the house. After a full breakfast, wander the various gardens, from the school’s vegetable patch, to their walled gardens. Take a stroll on the farm and see where the magic begins, from tiny seedlings taking root, to the cows that graze happily in your midst. Let the fresh air build your appetite and give you a sense of the work and love that goes into your food.

Then sit down for Dinner at Ballymaloe House. There will be plenty of friendly banter, a delicious choice of meals sourced locally, and often from their very own lands. Savour each bite, and be sure to sample the desserts. There’s nothing quite as comforting as Ballymaloe’s baked treats. It’s time to head home, but not before you open your Gourmet Food Box Souvenir, a little reminder of your cooking and dining adventure in the food capital.

  • 2 Nights’ Bed and Breakfast at Cork’s Luxurious 5 Star Hayfield Manor
  • Dinner at Hayfield Manor’s Exquisite Fine-Dining Orchids Restaurant
  • Entry to the Butter Museum
  • A Trip to the English Market and Light Lunch at Farmgate Café
  • Chauffeur Driven Trip to and from Kinsale
  • Dinner at Fishy Fishy Restaurant
  • Afternoon Hands on Cookery Course and Dinner, Ballymaloe Cookery School
  • Bed and Breakfast at Ballymaloe House
  • Cellar Tour and Dinner at Ballymaloe House
  • Good Food Ireland Gourmet Souvenir