There’s nothing we love more than getting out and about on a Good Food Ireland road trip. When new applications arrive for those in the food industry who wish to become part of the Good Food Ireland network of Approved Providers, we jump in the car and take off to discover what they have to offer. This time of year is a perfect time for driving. Hedgerows are blossoming into life. Bells of Ireland, bluebells, whitebells, yellow gorse and white Hawthorn blossoms are lining the way to a gourmet experience. Roads curl and wind, down country lanes and over coastal roads. We watch ocean waves break like ice cream foam on rocky coves, dairy and beef herds quietly munching in green pastures, and flocks of sheep doing a balancing act on the side of steep hills and mountains. Little fishing boats are easily spotted, sailing safely to harbours tucked away in sheltered places. Days can be long. We may even see the sun go down over the horizon as our engines purr on!  What a pleasure when we finally arrive at a destination to find yet another passionate foodie waiting to welcome us and join the ranks. Lucky for our blog followers and friends of Good Food Ireland on Facebook and Twitter, we have found all the right places to make a road trip of lasting culinary memories. Our Top Food Trips section covers all areas of this country, in towns and cities, off the beaten track, or by the sea or lakeside. Take a look on the link and see if one of them takes your fancy this summer. Or chart your own course with a bespoke food trip of your own making. A little video on our home page helps you do this with ease, at the click of your mouse.   Fuel up the tank, fire up the engine and off you go!