How to Dress Up Your Dinner

Our tips cooking like a pro with our special Good Food Ireland products which had bling to your cooking! Plus a specially put together box of artisan specialities to help you dress up your dinner!

Do you ever wish you could wave a magic wand and make your cooking taste like the work of a chef? If so we might be able to help you!

Adding style to your cooking, especially for dinner parties, is all about knowing the right products that bring that extra bit of pzazz to the table. The secret little ingredients which give a lift to your tried and tested dinner party repertoire.

For example, you want your salad leaves to have that special finishing touch of a perfect well balanced dressing which will raise it to gourmet levels. You need the best chutney and relish for your after dinner cheeseboard or first course charcuterie plate, but you simply don’t have time to make your own. It’s these little things that bring the bling to a dinner party menu.

Here are a few items from our Good Food Ireland members, that will work their magic in lots of ways at your next dinner party – brought to you by our hardworking and dedicated artisans!

No More Naked Leaves Salad Dressing from Tastefully Yours. Use this on leafy salads, or to stir through more substantial salads with pasta, rice or couscous. Also drizzle over pan fried salmon fillets served on a bed of spinach

Sweet Pepper Relish from Janet’s Country Fayre. Brilliant for serving with a pork fillet medallions or rack of lamb. Add a spoonful to the gravy and wow!

Apple Jelly from G’s Gourmet Jams. Roast pork loves this, as does roast duck. Use it as a go-with or as a base for a glaze or gravy. It works particularly well as a glaze for baked ham. 

Highbank Orchards Organic Orchard Syrup – this adorns everything, from after dinner strong cheeses, to dessert crepes and little dinner party apple crumbles. Highly addictive!

Chutney for Cheese and Wine from Janet’s Country Fayre.  Does what it says on the jar! And more. Add a spoonful of chutney to a mild chicken curry or stir some into the mince for a smart Cottage Pie. Taste the difference!

Mr Jeffares Blackcurrant Cordial. Use this for adding to champagne as a lovely pre-dinner cocktail. Serve it drizzled over a homemade Panna Cotta for pudding. Add to taste in a salad dressing for warm duck.

Look for these and other Good Food Ireland member produce in our Food Shops and Delis.


Every chef needs a box of tricks! We’ve packed a few of our favourite store cupboard items into our Dress Up Your Dinner Box, a perfect clutch of special goodies which will add the secret touches to your cooking. We’ve also included Wild Food, a book by Evan Doyle of Brooklodge, and much loved food writer Biddy White Lennon, which takes you through all you need to know about foraging and cooking with Irish wild ingredients. Starting from now, with the wild garlic and nettle season already upon us in some places, through to the berry gathering of late summer, mushroom picking in autumn and everything in between. This is the book that gives you the ability to cook like a chef with Ireland’s wild seasonal foods. So you can dress up your dinner in a completely different way!