New Vision for Food Tourism in Ireland 2007

Margaret Jeffares Founder and CEO of Good Food Ireland states "Good Food Ireland is the first Marketing group throughout the Island of Ireland that brings together a cross-section of good food places from B&B's to 5 Star Hotels, to Restaurants, Pubs, Cafes, Cookery Schools, Food Shops, Fishermen, Farmers and Food Producers; all products with food at the core."
Margaret also outlines the three main principles of good food Ireland, the vision, the philosophy and the mission. 
1) Vision: To raise the images of Ireland to a genuine food tourism destination. 
2) Philosophy: Source and serve quality Irish local and quality produce. 
3) Mission: To ensure our members are first choice for our customers. Good Food Ireland independently accesses all members before they are invited to join, to ensure our consumer message and guarantee you will get much more than good, local food.