The world of food and drink never fails to surprise us. Just when we think we’ve seen the ultimate new trend (think cereal cafes!), another one comes along to top it! In the news last week,  a luxury water menu has been launched in one of Belfast’s most prestigious city centre hotels. The specially ‘curated’ menu consists of a  select list of bottled waters from some of the world’s purest water sources –  with prices starting from £4.95 and rising to the princely sum of €26.45 per bottle.   

 If water floats your boat (pardon our pun) this list comprises rare finds not usually seen in Ireland and the UK. You might try a glass of crystal clear glacial water, a refreshing sip from a mountain spring,  or a thirst quenching gulp of pure H2O from a tropical island, to name just a few! Waters come from ten countries, including Iceland, Italy, Finland, Faroe Islands and Fiji. In order  for customers to get the most from this  special selection,  two new ‘water butlers’  will  give a service akin to that of a wine sommelier, offering advice, recommendations, tasting notes and information on sourcing etc.  To complete the experience, water butlers will pick out  perfect water matches for each dish.  These exclusive waters are said to  have unique flavour from the composition, source and mineral content of each one – a product of the ‘terroir’ from which they come. Read all about it on the bottle labels, which the uninitiated can browse at  leisure while sipping. As Good Food Ireland followers, you'll be relieved to hear our Irish spring waters have not been forgotten about, they are still available, and customers can also avail of a glass of 'Belfast water', straight from the tap, for free. 

As they say in the food and drink business, there’s nothing new under the sun! The French were cooking carrots in Vichy water and gulping gallons of Perrier long before they  ever appeared on our supermarket shelves. What do you think? Is this new idea going to catch on in Ireland? Will  menus of ‘hip’ waters  from far flung destinations now become the norm alongside extensive wine lists and exclusive collections of  gins, whiskeys and vodkas, not to mention Irish and international craft beers and cider, already making their mark in the beverage world?  Let us know your thoughts!