READ ALL ABOUT IT Are you a Food Mag Foodie?

Our recent post on Facebook asked the question do you buy any food magazines. There's an array of them to choose from, including Irish, UK, Continental and US publications. Some offer useful pages of practical recipe ideas to flick through over a cup of tea, for a bit of inspiration. Others take a more gritty approach,  reporting on topical food stories and issues, plus bringing the very latest of new restaurant openings, reviews and top chef profiles from around the world. According to the responses to our Facebook question, those who do buy food mags regularly have their particular favourites. Whether you're a recipe led reader or want in depth international food and wine journalism, there's no doubt these publications work to influence our food and drink choices and highlight the best of local and seasonal cooking – at every level of budget and taste.  Something for everyone. Pour the tea, put your feet up for half an hour,  and read all about it in your favourite food glossie today!