Castlebar in Co. Mayo is the home of Rua and Café Rua – our awardwinning Café of the Year for 2013. These two businesses have a lot to offer the locals and visitors to the area. First off, both have great cafes where enthusiastic staff proudly serve up a menu of local produce at extremely reasonable prices. In Rua Shop and Deli – a veritable array of take home items and cook’s essential rules the roost. Rua kitchens make everything served on both café menus and in the deli. Dips, sauces, salads, pates, soups, ready to go dishes and sandwiches fill the heartiest of appetites. This barbecue season, the clever folk have gift boxed a taste of Ireland, so you can transport it away to a garden, or  a picturesque spot in the mountains or by the beach, light up the coals and get grilling! The Rua BBQ Hamper contains two meaty striploin steaks from Roscommon, Rua’s own Chilli and Coriander Relish and Basil Lemon Mayonnaise, a Rua sourdough baguette, a bag of locally grown leaves, BBQ sauce from Co.Wicklow and two bottles of David Llewellyn’s LL Cider to wash it all down with. All for 50 yoyos… they never cease to amaze us. That’s why Rua is award winning –  and so will you be when you serve up this little lot!