As we mentioned yesterday, summer is on the way. If your lawn tends to sprout into a daisy meadow when the grass begins to grow, here is a special way to make the most of those pretty flowers. This good idea came our way from a friend who is into natural remedies. Daisy Salve is akin to Arnica in it’s way of soothing bumps and bruises. It’s easy to make. Simply gather a couple of good handfuls of daisies. Don’t wash them. Place in a sterilised jar. Ideally, one that will take all the daisies with a bit of space at the top.  Cover by about half an inch with a good oil. We recommend Donegal Rapeseed Oil, which is made with Irish grown rapeseed and cold pressed for purity. Put on the lid and leave to infuse for two weeks. Strain the oil,  squeezing the daisies out to make sure you get every last drop. Discard the daisies.  Measure the oil and place in a bowl. .For every four parts of oil add one part beeswax. Available in health food shops. Place the bowl over a pan of gently simmering water. Stir gently to combine and the beeswax is melted. Check consistency by placing a little of the salve mix on a spoon and placing in the freezer for a few moments. You can make the salve soft or hard by adding more oil to soften or more beeswax to firm up.  Simple really. Some people also add a few drops of essential oil to the salve for fragrance, but this is optional. Pour into sterilised pots which have tight fitting lids, and leave to cool. If you want to carry some of this with you – use little tins like those which have had lip balm in them. Make sure they are thoroughly clean first. Great for bumps and bruises that may be sustained during a summer full of adventurous activities, but don’t use if the skin is broken.