In the old days, expert poachers knew the best way to catch a trout was to ‘tickle’ it. This involved holding the trout in the water, and rubbing the belly gently,  until the fish became woozy and trance-like. Then it was just a case of lifting it out of the water onto dry land. Gotchya!  Poachers would go to rivers where trout were plentiful, and where there were shallows with rocks  for fish to rest beneath. Disclaimer: This is not an advert for how to catch a  trout illegally – poaching is against the law!! Don’t say we didn’t warn you! And anyhow, you don’t need to poach these fish, when there’s Goatsbridge Trout Farm in Co.Kilkenny to supply a whole range of fresh trout products. Goatsbridge fish are farmed in the natural way in a series of fresh water ponds,  fed by a nearby river. Mags and Ger Kirwan are award winning producers,  who know every stage of the lifecycle of their fish, from eggs to adulthood. All processing is done on site.  Goatsbridge trout is an artisan product of the very best quality and freshness. To celebrate St Patrick’s Day for this truly Irish product, Goatsbridge is offering a free tin of the brand new tinned trout fillet, with  every order during March.  Order now to get yours in time for the feast of the Patron Saint.

If you'd like to see how these fish are farmed and learn about life in artisan production, Goatsbridge Trout Farm tours are now bookable for the coming season.