Toons Bridge Dairy Introduce Exciting New Cheeses

Some lovely new cheeses from the experts at Toons Bridge Dairy.

Toons Bridge Dairy are known for their fabulous cheeses. Their resident Cheese maker Franco has been working away at creating a brand new range of cheese products. They’re particularly famous for their buffalo mozzarella, but these new cheeses are on par with that popular creamy creation.

We’re excited about Cacio Cavallo, a cheese that is close to the heart of its cheese maker. Franco is passionate about creating it and is developing a delicious range that is sure to whet the appetite of all cheese aficionados. Translated to English it means “horse cheese”, but don’t let that put you off! It’s a reference to how the cheese used to be transported to market. Cacio Cavallo comes in three distinct types from Toons Bridge, from those with a more acidic flavour to those with nuttier flavours.

Percorino Vinenzo is another cheese that impressed us. Its strong sweet flavour is a great addition to dishes that take a grated cheese. It’s an Italian sheep cheese that is made from raw milk. It’s aged for about 6 weeks and a block of this will go a long way.

Their Scarmorza cheese is available in a smoky sumptuous version, or its simpler unsmoked version. This is uncomplicated cheese at its best. It’s a sweet delicate cheese that is hung for a short period to air dry. It’s quite like mozzarella in that it melts well.

Toons Bridge has recently launched a lovely new website, where you can keep up to date on all their recent cheese developments, click here to have a look. They are constantly making new cheeses and are developing versions of some of these cheeses with bay leaves, stuffed lemons and butter.