Tuesday Evening Wine Tasting Course at Ely Wine Bar

Journey through a world of wines with Ely Wine Place’s 4 week wine course

Become a connoisseur of wine at the Ely Wine Bar’s tasting course, in Dublin. Led by the award-winning sommelier Ian Brosnan, this class will introduce you to a whole new world of wines. Run on four consecutive Tuesdays, this is the perfect course to expand your wine horizons. 

Each wine course comes in four weekly instalments. Each week you will delight over a delicious supper, sip a lot of wine and document your experiences in the provided tasting sheets and a loose leaf binder.

A relaxed, fun and sociable evening, you will be safe in the knowledgeable hands of Ian. Collect a wealth of wine knowledge, while enjoying the luxurious surrounds of Ely Wine Bar’s private Georgian Dining Room, at 22 Ely Place. 

This course includes the following dates: 12th, 19th and 26th of January, as well as the 2nd of February.