Here’s something nice to start the week off. This little video was doing the rounds at the weekend and if you haven’t already seen it, it’s worth a watch. From the Irish Examiner’s website, made by Examiner photographer Dan Linehan. As he discovers, birds of a feather will stick together. This bunch of hungry herons are out in force to gather easy pickings in the middle of the city. Every morning, they wait outside the doors to the English Market in Cork city, in order to snap up any fish scraps that come their way during preparations for the day’s trade. Salmon trimmings go down a treat – fast food for herons!    What good taste they have! These birds –  and many humans – flock to the market daily for freshest locally caught fish from market fishmongers like K.O’Connell and Ballycotton Seafoods. You might catch sight of the ‘heron feed’ if you’re there early enough on your next visit to Cork city. In the meantime, enjoy this.