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Foodie Getaway Offers

Enjoy yourself or give the gift of experience with one of our carefully curated foodie getaway offers. Some limited edition, even exclusive opportunities, new product launches, great dining out and some with added amenities.


Like your friend in Ireland, we’ll direct you to all the best foodie places. A Good Food Ireland® introduction is like no other. With unparalleled access to our approved collection all over the island of Ireland and all waiting to greet you, you’ll never feel like strangers only friends who have not met.

From time to time, we are delighted to bring to you some great offers. Our remarkable range means we have something for every lover of good local food, drink and travel. Soak up the passion of the local producers and chefs, and taste for yourself the heart and soul that goes into dishes made with our delicious local produce. Keep checking in here or sign-up to our Newsletter for our up-to-the minute offers.

Once purchased you will receive a confirmation with a unique voucher code.

Using this code, your offer must be booked directly with the Provider and is subject to availability on booking.

If for whatever reason you don’t avail of your offer you can always use the monetary value against any Experience in our online shop.

So, you won’t lose out and can use it for up to five years.