Mountain Lamb Farm Tour & Tasting on Achill Island – Co Mayo

What You’ll Get

Immerse yourself in the longstanding tradition of Blackfaced Mountain Sheep farming with an adventurous experience on Achill Island. The high hills and coastal splendour of Achill is home to this famous variety of sheep. You’ll visit a local food producers, the Calvey family, that has been farming here for seven generations and they offer a fun-filled hands-on experience that will test your farming skills!

This guided tour will tell the story of the wild mountain sheep that are so much an integral part of Achill. Discover the natural flora and fauna of the island before witnessing the old age art of hand shearing the sheep and watch on as the family border collie gives an entertaining lesson in herding the sheep this way and that.

This experience is rooted in tradition. You’ll meet the characters involved and here’s a true-to-life window into the vernacular, the local culture and the craic.

Finish off your experience with a tasting of this great-tasting lamb in the form of a tasty traditional Irish stew from the Calvey’s own abattoir-butchery. You’ll notice the unique taste of Achill through the notes of heather and seaweed, the main part of the lamb’s diet.

What’s Included

A guided tour of the farm, taking in the natural flora and fauna of the island

Witness hand shearing wild mountain sheep and a sheep herding demonstration

A tasting of Achill Mountain Lamb

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Key Information

Coach and car parking available

As you will be outdoors, please wear appropriate footwear and raingear

The experience requires a minimum of 6 people

Suitable for
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Mountain Lamb Farm Tour & Tasting on Achill Island – Co Mayo
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