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It’s all in the name at Farmhouse Café & Bakery, located on the Long Mile Road in Walkinstown, Dublin. This amazing eatery brings the best of local food to your plate or takeaway salad box in the form of freshly baked bread produced on-site and also fresh greens that are grown at owner Susan O’Sullivan’s market garden located at her Co. Kildare home. The Farmhouse Café & Bakery was founded in the late 2000s during Ireland’s recessionary period. Susan identified a gap in the market as retail outlets in the area closed down leaving the playing field open for a new, quick and access Read More


Dining at the Farmhouse Café & Bakery is so accessible no matter if you want to enjoy a sit-down lunch outside or if you’re looking to grab a quick bite to eat when you’re on the go. No matter the circumstance, you will savour a tasty experience!

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You’ll be able to choose from an exciting selection of dishes that are homemade and full of flavour along with tasty sweet treats to go with a cup of gourmet coffee.


The Farmhouse Café & Bakery is open Monday to Friday serving up a stellar selection of breakfast and lunch items that are a lovely mix of much-loved classics along with some tasty signature dishes that have captured the attention of their devoted regulars and passers-by.


Farmhouse Café is rooted (pardon the pun) in a wholesome and quality food experience that places home bakes and even homegrown produce at the very heart of what they do.


A gem in the operation at Farmhouse Café is the Market Garden that owner Susan O’Sullivan cultivates herself from her family farm in Co. Kildare. Here Susan has a wonderful selection of gardens and tunnels that are teeming with fresh fruits and veggies that are carefully cultivated and harvested at the exact time of optimum taste and nutrition.


You’ll first get your glimpse of this enticing concept with a sip of the delicious fresh daily juice that’s produced using ingredients from chard, spinach, cucumber, apple, ginger and everything in between. The juice gives you that much-needed boost to tackle the day ahead!


Early risers are much looked after with a tasty range of breakfast meals including a nourishing steeped oats pot flavoured with fresh fruits and seasonings. There’s no sign of the ordinary run of the mill porridge here! Another popular brunch dish on the menu is the satisfying Farmhouse Brunch Bowl and Green Eggs which is full of flavour.


A lovely twist in the breakfast menu is that each dish is served with freshly baked sourdough bread or brown bread right out of the oven. Who could say no to that?


At lunchtime, the menu features fresh homemade soup that is all dependent on what is delivered from the garden that day. The day we visited The Farmhouse Café the chef was simmering his fresh homemade stock on the old Aga for the daily soup special. This highlights the continuing theme throughout this cafe, from bread to hot dishes, everything is made from scratch and customers are guaranteed that irresistible homemade food experience.


Another recommendation for when you’re visiting the Farmhouse Café is the piping hot herb hotpot that is full of delicious flavours. Customers can choose from a vegetarian option or they can add fresh baked Irish ham or Irish roast chicken.


Doorstep sandwiches are taken to the next level at Farmhouse Café and are a hallmark for the cafe’s food offering. Thick slices of bread produced from the bakery on site are combined with fresh meats much of which comes from Susan’s family farm. A range of fresh salads and other tasty accompaniments can be made to order for your sambo resulting in a hearty lunchtime treat!


The day we paid a visit we were lucky to try their homemade soup and the Farmhouse Brunch Bowl. The roasted red pepper and tomatoes topped with two organic eggs were to die for and of course, served up with fresh sourdough bread.


If you’re looking for something sweet, you’ll also have a choice of yummy bakes that go perfectly with a fresh cup of coffee. From crumbly scones to cinnamon buns to cookies and more you’ll savour every bite of your morning or afternoon treat.


Service at The Farmhouse Café is operated on a takeaway basis or as a dine-out option. There is a covered outdoor dining area provided to the front of the Café.


The Farmhouse Café provide additional offerings beyond dining in the form of their dedicated bakery and deli which are full to the brim with quality products to enjoy at home.


The exceptional food & drink offering continues at Farmhouse Café with their dedicated bakery and deli located on-site. Fresh bread is baked each day, fully servicing the cafe’s breakfast and lunch dining options. Lush loaves of bread can also be bought at the bakery and will make the perfect sandwich for school or work lunches throughout the week. Choose from sourdough loaves and baguettes along with wholemeal low gi bread and also seeded walnut bread.


The Deli at Farmhouse Café also features a rich selection of salads that can be bought and enjoyed at home. You’ll also find salad bowls and other cold meals in the fridges if you’re grabbing something good on the go. There are also great take-home meals made by the Farmhouse team that you can simply re-heat at home.


Furthermore, in keeping with the local ethos, Farmhouse Café also stocks a number of artisan products from local Irish producers.


Sustainable practices are weaved within the day to day operations at Farmhouse Café & Bakery. Fresh produce is sourced from their market garden and this is utilised each day on the menus.


Furthermore, their on-site bakery supplies a vast amount of products used on the menu, reducing down deliveries and food miles which all contributes to the reduction of their carbon footprint.


On the farm, they continue to work towards gaining organic certification which includes working on procedures that are more homogenous in the farming of the land.


Also, beehives and pollinator plants have been planted to encourage local biodiversity. You’ll also find plenty of natural hedgerows that go hand in hand with the gardens and tunnels also located on-site.

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