Wild Garlic Pesto

Wild Garlic Pesto


byEvan Doyle owner of Brooklodge & Macreddin Village

of County Wicklow

March is here and apparently, Spring has sprung…well maybe! It’s all still a bit haphazard at the moment. Our native Wild greens seem to be much m Read More
Prep Time

15 Minutes


2-4 People


  • 50g Fresh Wild Garlic Leaves
  • 25g Pine, Cashew, Hazel or Chestnuts…your choice!
  • 200ml Organic Olive Oil or better still Irish Organic Rapeseed Oil
  • 40g grated, Parmigiano-Reggiano or really mature Desmond
  • Organic Black Pepper and Sea Salt.


Simple recipes are not always the easiest. It’s taken us years to get this just right. Any of the above Nuts, Oils or Cheeses will make a fabulous fresh spring tasting Pesto…we’re just not saying exactly which go into our Strawberry Tree Wild Garlic Pesto! So, the easy way is to blitz the nuts and half the oil in a food processor and add in the grated cheese. Then add the wild garlic and blitz with the remaining oil to the right consistency. Then simply season, to your taste. As a fresh Oil Dressing, it’ll work, every time.

How To Finish:
Pour into sterilised Kilner Jars and keep in the fridge or a really cool, dark pantry. Pesto is a fresh product, use within three weeks. If you can make it last that long!

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