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Harnett’s Oils is an award-winning family run business that grows, cold-presses, filters and bottles a range of oils on their family farm – The Waring Estate in the Barony of Iveagh in County Down. Their extra-virgin cold-pressed Iveagh rapeseed oil is grown in the Lagan Valley which is famous for its oilseeds dating back to the 17th century.

Meet The Maker

GM-free seeds for oil have been grown on the Waring Estate farm in Northern Ireland since 1656, with the family becoming a significant producer of rapeseed oil for the supermarket sector in more recent years, thanks to Jane’s father. In 2005, working with expert guidance from Loughrea College, Jane developed her own label, Harnett’s Oils, creating oils from rapeseed and hemp seed, also grown on the farm.

All of Harnett’s oils are made from homegrown seeds, cold-pressed and bottled at the farm. Hemp oil is unique among edible oils for its perfect balance of Omega 3,6 and 9 essential fatty acids. A rich green colour, Harnett’s Hemp Oil has a distinct earthy and intensely nutty taste. It is perfect as a dressing for meat, fish or vegetables in place of butter or mixed with balsamic vinegar as a dipping oil for crusty bread, or as a base for salad dressings.

Harnett’s Rapeseed oil is an every day culinary oil which is rich in Omega fatty acids. The oils are also infused with a range of flavours and vinaigrettes. The vinaigrettes are produced using the cold-pressed single farm oils added to Armagh cider vinegar infused with fruits from the estate or The Mournes. This range includes raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrant vinaigrettes.

Other flavourful products include the Hemp Garlic and Mustard Dressing, Rapeseed Chilli and Garlic Oil, Orange and Rosemary Oil and Lemon and Thyme Oil. All come beautifully packaged in 250ml bottles and are available online from the Harnett’s Oils website and at various markets in the north of Ireland.

Jane also produces a natural sea salt, harvested from the waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of County Mayo. Dubh Salt is branded under the Duvillaun Fine Foods label and comes in handy 100g bottle salt grinders. It has a strong fresh salty flavour of the sea and a little goes a long way to seasoning any dish.

Other Facilities

Visit the home of Harnett’s Oils at Waring Estate. Tour the gardens and get a demonstration of the process involved in creating this range of cold pressed oils.

The Harnett family also offers tours of Harnett’s Oils on the Waring Estate, as well as talks to groups. The tour includes a visit to the premises to see the press and a sampling of the oils. Visitors can also enjoy a tour of the gardens of the Waring Estate and learn about the history of the Estate, too. If interested in more information or in booking, please contact Jane direct via [email protected].


Harnett’s Oils is a superb sustainable and local Irish producer. Harnett’s do not use insecticides on the crops; when harvesting the oilseeds they refrain from using roundup and swathe the crops by cutting the crops to ripen up the seeds before combining a week or so after. All of the oils are pure and natural and Harnett’s Oils has even won a sustainability award in recent years.

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