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Cork couple Joe and Sandra Burns have created a refreshing take on the ever-popular Irish crisp. The quality of Joe’s Farm Crisps speaks for themselves and there is a great tasting flavour from these vegetables and potatoes which are simply cooked in sunflower oil, dehydrated and bagged from hand. Apart from a light dusting of Achill Island Sea Salt, there are no additives or preservatives.

Meet The Maker

Set up in 2014, Joe’s Farm Crisps are a small family business based in Killeagh, East Cork. Joe grows all the vegetables and potatoes and everything is made and produced on the farm. They have a mix of carrot, parsnip and beetroot crisps or mixed potato (purple, pink and white), and there are only five ingredients used for every product.

Founded in 2014 by Joe and Sandra Burns, Joe’s Farm Crisps came to life after a particularly difficult time for the couple and their vegetable farm in East Cork. 2012 was the year of the infamous price war, which saw prominent food stores around the country trying to better its rivals for pricing on fresh vegetables. A need to add more value for money for their top quality produce was the driving force behind the development of Joe’s Farm Crisps.

After phenomenal success at local farmer’s markets, Joe and Sandra knew they would need to expand their operation, which includes a mobile kitchen unit. The 36-acre family farm based just outside Killeagh, Co. Cork used to predominantly feature 18 acres of potatoes, but due to the popularity of the veggie crisps and a decrease in demand for potatoes, this has now been reduced to 8 acres.

What makes these crisps such a hit is the natural flavours and high-quality ingredients. Wanting to offer something different to the crisp market, Joe’s Farm Crisps rely solely on their delightful flavour. Farm-fresh vegetables are cooked in sunflower oil, dehydrated and bagged from hand. Apart from a light dusting of Achill Island Sea Salt, there are no additives or preservatives.

For traditionalists, Joe’s Farm Crisps also feature a potato crisp option. Similar to the vegetable crisps, these are unique in that they feature three potato varieties, including a purple coloured potato, all salted with Achill Island Sea Salt. Both products are gluten-free.

Joe’s Farm Crisps are now sold across the country. The triumph of their endeavours has led to further investment in a purpose-built food-grade shed. Joe’s Farm Crisps has also won several accolades including a 2018 Great Taste Star and 2014 Gold Medal Award at Blas na hEireann

Other Facilities

Joe’s Farm Crisps operate a wonderful seasonal Farm Shop which is open Thursday – Saturday.


Joe’s Farm Crisps sources all the vegetables for its natural crisps from Joe’s own family farm in East Cork. Apart from a light dusting of Achill Island Sea Salt, there are no additives or preservatives in the crisps, resulting in a pure and natural product.

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A real treat!

I bought two packets at a little shop in a garden centre whilst in Ireland recently and they were delicious – wished I had bought more and hope to find them in the UK!

Rev Janis Ford

A surprise

These crisps are delicious.
I hadn’t heard of them until spotting them in Ardkeen Stores.
I have only had the Potato Medley with its mixture of white, red & purple but was immediately struck by appearance, texture and taste. These are sophisticated in their simplicity. The essence of good cooking is very good ingredients – and very few of them. No nasty ersatz flavours just the delicious potatoes and a bit of salt.
Another Irish product to be proud of.

Andrew O’Connor

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