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At Killowen Farm, Wexford, award-winning live yogurt is made using milk from the Dunne family’s own herd of happy cows. They use only the finest natural ingredients, with no preservatives and no additives, for their delicious healthy yogurt.

Meet The Maker

Nicholas Dunne’s family have been farming land at the foot of the Blackstairs Mountains, outside Courtnacuddy, County Wexford for two centuries. Now, three generations all help out, with Nicholas and his wife Judith, along with sister Pauline producing and distributing this delicious yogurt.

All the milk for Killowen Farm comes from the Dunnes herd of 170 Friesian cows, produced by a herd happily grazing on lush pastureland in the heart of the Irish countryside. Killowen natural yoghurt is as natural as you can get: it is made with only milk and live cultures, good bacteria that help keep your digestive system working well. When making the flavoured yogurts, they add real fruit (sourced locally when possible) and a small amount of sugar to their natural yoghurt.


Killowen is a naturally low-fat bio-live yogurt made with a probiotic culture. The natural yogurt is great on porridge, or with soaked prunes or apricots. Or, stir a dollop into a curry or goulash just before the end of cooking!


For their fruity yogurts, such as the Blackcurrant, Rhubarb and Strawberry yoghurts, they have a number of growing partners in Wexford. They can’t get all the fruits they need from local fruit-growing partners all of the time, so the Dunne family works with other Irish producers and imports some of the fruit from other countries (for example, to make the lemon curd yogurt). But their focus is on working more and more with local and Irish growers so there is less mileage for the fruit to travel and they can closely work with the producers to get the best quality.


Killowen Farm makes delicious, sustainable dairy products. All the milk in Killowen Farm yoghurt comes from their dairy cows that graze the fields. They walk from the fields into the parlour where they are milked and the fresh milk travels less than 10 metres through a pipe before it starts to be turned into yogurt.


In fact, every part of the production takes place on the farm, from milking to yoghurt making to adding fruit to packaging and distribution – ticking all those vitally important traceability boxes.

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