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Oriel Sea Salt is a totally pure, fine grain sea salt harvested from the bay of Port Oriel, County Louth, Ireland. Oriel Sea Salt harvest this ancient pure and natural resource using advanced technology. They use almost 100% of what they extract to harvest some of the world’s most natural marine extracts from the very source of ocean life itself, the ocean water. All their products are certified as meeting the standards of organic and sustainable production, kosher and halaal.

Meet The Maker

Founded by John Delany and Brian Fitzpatrick, Oriel Sea Salt is an award-winning, 100% natural Irish sea salt. The pair have pioneered an Irish sea salt that’s received national and international acclaim from cooks, chefs and food producers from Ireland all the way to the Californian coast. They are the only company in Europe to hold two EU Protected Designation of Origin status (PDO) for their Mineral Sea Salt and Deep Ocean Magnesium.

Oriel Sea Salt is harvested from deep seawater from the ancient Kingdom of Oriel at Clogherhead, Co. Louth. Clogherhead, the ‘Birthplace of Ireland’, was strategically selected by Oriel as the location for its facility due to its Grade “A” International standard water quality.

Oriel Sea Salt uses the latest in technology to harvest seawater and produce pure natural sea salt by a process of reverse osmosis. Sounds ‘science-y’? It is, but it’s all-natural. Oriel Sea Salt goes through several filtration and purification systems over many hours, leaving behind a pure natural product, certified by the Organic Trust. Seawater at Clogherhead has high salt and mineral content. This process of production also captures these minerals.

Oriel Sea Salt produces three different types of salt. The first is their Natural, a fine grain, slightly moist that is powder-like in texture and looks like freshly fallen snow. This is then finished by kiln drying the grains, to give a dry, free-flowing salt with no additives or anti-caking agents. Finally, they also create some smoked varieties such as Teeling Whiskey, Guinness and Roe & Co Whiskey Smoked.

The intense taste of this Irish salt means you can get away with much less than the recommended daily allowance of salt because the flavour is so powerful. A light sprinkling on food before or after cooking is all it takes to add the flavour of the sea to any dish.

“It’s not until you taste this salt that you realise how clean and pure its flavour could and should be. And it’s Irish, we should all be using it!” says fellow Good Food Ireland® member, Ross Lewis, Chapter One.

“Our mission is to help chefs realise what a difference a great sea salt can make to their food when used as the ingredient to replace table salt and given the same respect as other fine ingredients,” remarks John Delany of Oriel Sea Salt.

You’ll find Oriel Sea Salt used in hundreds of top restaurants around the country, along with featuring in other top food brands in the form of hand-cooked crisps, sauces, protein bars, butter, beverages and even cured hams. Their products are available online and in all good retailers. The team at Oriel has created a unique Irish product. We think you’ll agree.


Oriel Sea Salt is a proud member of Origin Green and runs a zero production waste operation. The raw material used in production is seawater and any unused seawater is returned to the sea. In 2016, the company became the only company in Europe to be granted Protected Designation of Origin status (PDO) by the EU Commission for its products. They are the only company in Europe to hold such recognition for their Deep Sea Magnesium & Minerals and Mineral Sea Salt.

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