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Irish Food And Drink

Find and Buy local artisan food and drink online directly from any of our approved Makers. Each have their own story to tell. Knowing it is such a such a powerful part of adding richness to the taste.

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  • Irish Gold Potatoes


    Irish Gold is a new variety of Irish potato – grown within the boundaries of North Co Dublin, that is quickly growing in popularity due to its taste and sustainable attributes.
  • Arcane Chocolate

    Erik Van der Veken - Kildare

    Step into the artist’s studio when you experience all that is Arcane Chocolate. The medium here is chocolate and it’s under the masterful skill of Erik Van der Veken that Arcane Chocolate delights chocolate lovers across the island of Ireland....
  • Jackford Irish Potato Gin

    Enniscorthy - Wexford

    Jackford Irish Potato Gin was created with a view to using the entire potato crop and as a way of creating an added value product. The result of this endeavour is a fabulous and premium Irish Craft Gin that is the perfect beverage of choice! The day we...
  • Brogan’s Butchers

    Athboy - Meath

    Located in Athboy, Co Meath, Brogan’s Butchers is a very stylish shop that might be small in size but it punches way above its weight in the quality offering for its longstanding and loyal customers. Brogan’s Butchers was founded by Michael...
  • Long Meadow Cider

    Armagh - Northern Ireland

    Long Meadow Cider is an award-winning Bramley apple producer located in the orchard county of Armagh. This is a third-generational family business. At Long Meadow Cider it’s all about the family and the Bramley Apple. While the McKeever family have...
  • Keogh’s Farm

    The Keogh Family - Dublin

    Keogh’s farm is committed to producing Ireland’s finest potatoes, crisps and snacks that are truly grown with love. Their potato crisps are hand cooked in small batches using potatoes grown on their farm, the finest quality sunflower oil and seasoned...