All the Family Cookery Classes

At Lady Eve Cookery there’s a flurry of excitement going on with full family day classes.  Parents and children get their hands dirty!  Saturday afternoons have taken on new beginnings.  If you’d like your family to be well equipped for a life of good, simple nutritious food then a day class at Lady Eve Cookery is the answer.  The sessions are great fun and create a nice family bonding experience.  We host days for all sizes of families, catering for all skills and abilities.  The format is simple, Nikki Walsh demo’s 6 different dishes and the family then has its turn of cooking.  You work in pairs of two and recreate what Nikki’s demo’d.  Everyone involved, achieves a better understanding of food and the ingredients used.  The classes are bespoke to each individual family therefore catering for the required needs.  
Please contact Nikki for prices, available dates and more information on 086 227 0125.