Festivities are over and there are probably more than one or two of you carrying the remnants of the partying on their hips! Recent newspaper articles may well have debunked the theory of detoxing with juicing and so on, but we reckon this is still the time of year when we crave healthier foods after all the richness of the Christmas season. We are turkeyed out and feeling lethargic because of it! There’s no doubt the dark days will necessitate some substance though – so we think we’ve got a salad here that will provide some, refreshing tastes and a healthy approach for the New Year. A lovely recipe from Tara Walker of The Tasty Tart Cookery School in Termonfeckin. Tara is a genius at coming up with easy approachable recipes which can be replicated easily at home. This is her creation and we think you will like it. Superfood Smoked Chicken, Quinoa and Bulghur Salad is a mix of grains and succelent savoury chicken, with seeds and alfalfa sprouts with a gorgeous light lemon and olive oil dressing. A good one for the office lunchbox – super desktop dining! Find it on the link in our recipe listings.