Cookery Courses for Men and Teenagers with Lady Eve Cookery

Nikki Walsh is queen of Lady Eve Cookery and she offers a range of different cooking courses to get you excited. She sees cooking as a relaxed and enjoyable experience that can be enjoyed by all, and that’s exactly what her courses offer. An opening into a world of cooking that is truly there for everyone.

With this in mind – she’s launched her latest set of cooking classes. These will be a wonderful way to get your hubby or teenagers into the kitchen. Yup! That’s right. Nikki is setting out to train your loved ones in the culinary arts with her bespoke courses. There’s a cooking for men course – which will be a lovely evening of laughs, easy recipes and all in an understanding environment. She’ll get the men confident in the kitchen, and ready to sweep you off your feet with their culinary skills.

Then, if you want to get your kids cooking, she’s also offering a teenagers course. A relaxed cooking day in her kitchen, to be enjoyed by all. We’re sure you want the details so Cooking for Men will take place on March 9th and will be at 7.15pm. It will cost a mere €50 and will leave participants equipped at making their own bread, soups and one pot wonders! The Teenage Cook Camp will be €120.00 for a two day course from the 21st to the 22nd March, that runs from 10am to 2.30pm.