Copper And Spices, Wine and Dine in the Dark, Part of the Boyne Valley Food Series

On Thursday 16th July Copper and Spices held a “Wine and Dine in The Dark” as Part of the Boyne Valley Food Series. The event was organized by “CorriganSays PR.”  Donations were made to SightSavers Ireland.  Wines Direct Mullingar was the Wine Supplier.

Guests were greeted with a cocktail reception, “Indian Summer” and “Water Melon Daiquiri” followed by a 4 course menu where Head Chef Nitin Gautam and his team had been planning the Menu for weeks with a huge emphasis on Local and Irish Producers.

The Menu

Amuse Bouche

Cabbage, Onion Garlic ad Sesame

Indian Street Food

Wholw Wheat Pastry, Lilys Tea Infused Chickepeas, Urad Lentil Dumpling, Home made Yogurt, Coriander and Tamarind.

Seekh Kebab

Skeaghanore Duck Seekh Kebab, Sliced Pineapple, Clongil Egg Curry, Nigella Mustard and Curry Leaf.

Guinea Fowl

24 Hour marinade and Sow cooked, Black eye and Red Kidney Beans, Fennel and Star Anise Taste


Alphonso,  Panna cotta , Clarkes Strawberrys, Red Current, Berries and Flowers

Diners kept their blindfolds on until the final course was served.  A fun guessing game was had after where no one correctly identified any of the food or wine.

A short presentation about Sightsavers Ireland and a raffle to help raise more donations took place with a great array of local food prizes.


Mary Duff

It was great to experience the exciting, fun filled evening in Copper and Spices Restaurant where I fully enjoyed a Wine and Dine in The Dark Event, as part of the Boyne Valley Food Series. It was extraordinary how my sense of taste was heightened by my blind- fold. As each course was un-known, my taste buds were in overdrive with the fantastic Indian Flavors. As ever the helpful staff and relaxing atmosphere only added to what was a very enjoyable evening

Noreen Walshe

An experience to be remembered and repeated. A night throwing light on the culinary artistry of a great team, Nitin for his colorful, spice filled creations and Carmel for her multifaceted, making every visit so special. Dine in the Dark was a composite of tastes of Rajasthan, home cooking Indian style and the spice of a marriage of East meets West. Blindfolds quelled the taste of surprise and the guessing game matched the intimacy of the menu