If you love bacon and are trying to find romance – this news story is for you! ‘Sizzl’  is a brand new dating app that brings bacon lovers together! Designed by Oscar Mayer, this app helps lovers of the rashers find eachother! 

Apparently, the dating app questions are geared to bacon, asking how you like it cooked and other things. You can share your love of bacon with a potential partner and see if you are compatible in the rasher race to  love! It’s all in the user profile which you can access on the app, currently only available to iPhone users. You can even get an insight as to whether the person you are talking to really loves bacon as much as you do – and quickly give them the flick if they don’t. Users can report other users who aren’t showing true respect to the pig,  by hitting the ‘Doesn’t love bacon’ button! Seriously, you couldn’t make this stuff up!

 Anyway, we all love bacon here at GFI – I mean what brings people running faster than the smell of a few rashers crisping in the pan? It has been known to turn vegetarians into meat eaters again  – the appeal of the rasher is so irrisistible! Sizzl has nailed a bacon lovers dating market – and we have a few questions of our own…

  • Rindless or rind on?
  • Back or streaky?
  • Bacon in your butty  – toast or bread roll?
  • Green or smoked?
  • Tomato ketchup or brown sauce?
  • BLT lover – yes or no?
  • Bacon with avocado – winner or loser?
  • Bacon in a fry – grilled or fried?

Over to you for your ahem,  burning bacon questions…yes we know it’ a bad pun! But you never know, Prince or Princess Charming could well be out there, waiting only for your replies…

In the meantime, check out our bacon inspired recipes to keep you going!