Christmas Dinner Cookery Class – The Full Monty

The Full Monty from Lady Eve Cookery will make sure you’re prepped and ready to man the oven this Christmas season.

You’ll leave knowing how to cook everything from the Turkey and ham, to roasted vegetables, delicious sauces, and even the perfect Christmas dessert – all with a smile on your face, and without any of the trauma traditionally associated with cooking the Christmas dinner. 

Nikki Walsh runs her annual Christmas dinner course from the Lady Eve Cookery School in her Donnybrook home, Dublin. This is not to be missed and is hugely popular with fans of her no-nonsense, stress-free approach to cooking.

It’s a relaxed environment and Nikki welcomes everyone with a glass of wine and a recipe pack. After everyone is settled and registered the cooking begins! With this lesson dedicated to making sure you leave knowing how to cook THE FULL CHRISTMAS MONTY. 

You’ll leave with loads of ideas and the ability to present the family with a delicous Christmas dinner, without any of the sweat, tears or oven-related emergencies. 

Book now to avoid disappointment, the course is bookable using the booking button, then select the second drop down menu and click on the Christmas banquet option.