Calling techno heads…If you think you are up to your neck in the latest technology, think again. Cooking with a computerised  oven is soon to be a reality. June is on the way! A fully digitalised kitchen tool which cooks at the touch of a button. No surprise, since one of the co-founders, computer engineer Nikhil Bogul,  worked for Apple, designing the iPhone to iPhone 5, and iPad to iPad 3. Matt Van Horn, the other co-founder, pioneered the Path platform, co-founded San Franciso’s transportation company Zimride, now renamed Lyft,  and was Apple’s Higher Education Marketer at the University of Arizona. Top that double bill of expertise as company founders!

Anyway, about  June. She’s a great girl who thinks for you. We can hear the men sighing with relief already!  June recognises what food you put in the oven. She knows what you want to cook and how long it will take. How? Her HD camera in the oven recognises the food and tells you what programme to use to cook it. How cool is that? According to the sales blurb, you can cook anything perfectly, from a medium rare steak to a big roast to cookies, pizzas and the rest. And surprise surprise, there’s an app you can download for heaps more recipe suggestions.  June will also send an alert to your phone when your food is ready, plus you can check what’s happening in the oven with the live video stream from the HD camera . June has a touchscreen control panel.  She can help you save recipes and work out a shopping list for the ingredients based on the number of guests.  She also has a built in weighing scale, unit conversion and kitchen timer.What’s more, June has model looks and a trim figure – a nifty counter top oven with 1 cubic foot capacity, but still big enough to do a roast or a 12 inch pizza.

You want June, right?  Tough luck!  She’s only available in the US,  from Spring 2016. But the good news is, the guys who created her say they are hoping she will be available internationally as soon as possible. Hang onto your hats. June is coming!