According to reporter Ciara Leahy of the Irish Farmer's Journal, there are some pretty impressive figures to show for Web Summit and Food Summit with Good Food Ireland. Figures below are taken from her article, linked here, where Margaret Jeffares, founder of Good Food Ireland, described Web Summit and Food Summit with Good Food Ireland as a 'Riverdance moment for Irish Food.' Our founder was quick to point out that there had been 'misconceptions around Irish food', but Good Food Ireland has been 'righting those wrongs'. We couldn't agree more – take a look at this little lot! Well done to everyone for all the hard work! 

  • 50,500 people over three days experienced Irish food
  • 432,000 tastings of Irish beef, lamb, pork, duck, chicken, fish, seafood, fruit and vegetables
  • 12,000 tastings of Irish ciders, craft beers and fruit juices
  • 480,000 grams of Irish dairy desserts
  • 25,000 brownies, shortbread biscuits and sweet treats