It’s official. Summer has arrived! We know this because the first of the  season’s Irish strawberries have hit the shops.  Bright, plump,  jewel-red fruits,  with the subtle taste of early summer.  Don’t we just love them?!  How do we eat them? Let us count the ways…  You can put them on top of your morning cereal, yogurt or porridge. Whizz them in a smoothie with orange and banana for a serious vitamin and energy boost. Slice and marinate them in your favourite tipple and a light dusting of icing sugar for a grown up dessert. Fill a meringue nest with whole berries or top a Pavlova. Or best of all, you can eat them as they come, straight out of the punnet! Savour that delicious homegrown flavour. As the season progresses and the weather gets warmer, the sweetness will intensify.  Early strawberries have a balance of subtle sweetness and pleasant juicy acidity which wakes up the palate – that’s why they make great additions to breakfast. We have a few months ahead of us now to enjoy these delicious summer berries. We’re sure you’ll be coming up with new ideas to serve them, so please let us know your tips!