The age of technology has it’s drawbacks in social terms. But it does have it's very important uses!  A new fundraising app can help us feed hungry children around the world. The ShareTheMeal app was developed by the United Nations World Food Programme.  Through this app, the user can donate 40c, the total cost to feed a child for a full day. The initial aim is to concentrate on feeding every child in Lesotho – then work  around the globe, region by region and country by country, to feed every child in need of a good meal.  Ireland is the first country to be able to use this app, available now to download on your smartphone.  A global launch will follow in May and June.

ShareTheMeal is a young and vibrant start-up company from Germany.  The team came up with the idea because there are more smartphones in the world than hungry children, and if all users were to install this app, it could have enormous impact in ended world hunger. This is when technology is really valuable and awesome –  to think two taps on your smartphone screen  can have enormously beneficial effects for someone less fortunate at the other side of the world.  The WFP will man the programme on the ground,  in distributing meals in each region, while the app user can see how many meals have been shared. Geotags are also used to show where the meals have been shared and feature some of the children’s stories. ShareTheMeal has been earmarked by Wired as ‘One of 15 ideas for a better world in 2015’, and according to Robert Opp, Director of Innovation and Change Management for UN World Food Programe  ‘ShareTheMeal has the potential to revolutionise the fight against hunger.’ Do your bit today, find out more here.