Poached eggs are a divine food sent from heaven. But how do the chefs get them perfect?  Firstly you start with really fresh eggs, cold from the fridge. Place a saucepan of water on the ring of the cooker. Add a splash of white wine vinegar. You only  need a small splash. This helps set the whites of the egg firm. But you don't want your eggs tasting of vinegar so don't overdo it! Bring the water to just bubbling. Lower the heat to a simmer. Crack your egg into a cup. Give the water a vigourous stir to create a little bit of a whirlpool in the pan. Drop the egg into the centre. The whirling action of the water will keep the egg white and yolk together if the eggs are very fresh. Leave the water to settle and let the egg cook for a few moments, gently bathing the top of it water but being careful not to break. It should be set and cooked, but the yolk should feel soft when prodded. Gently lift it out with a slotted spoon and touch it lightly – clean hands, obviously!! You don't want to see any unset white or yolk. You wil now when it is there. Lift out with the slotted spoon onto a sheet of kitchen paper, to drain off the excess water. Poached eggs come into their own for brekkie, or to top numerous salads, smoked salmon or mashed potatoes, when the runny egg yolk makes a gorgeous addition to the flavours.