Good Food Ireland Hall of Fame

Good Food Ireland will launch its inaugural “Hall of Fame” at a high profile event “Good Food Ireland – A Celebration” hosted by the WebSummit, on Thursday, November 6th 2014 in Herbert Park, Dublin. It will be attended by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny, T.D., Rowley Leigh, acclaimed UK Chef and Journalist and 1500 international media and guests who will experience a Good Food Ireland Showcase Dinner and meet the people behind the food.   
3 honourees will be inducted to the Good Food Ireland Hall of Fame that will honour people for their consistent, sometimes behind the scenes, beyond the call contribution and dedication to good Irish food and tourism at home and abroad. It may also recognise the next generation, those who have influenced, inspired or effected change amongst Ireland’s youth and those who will take forward with diligence a unanimous love of Irish food and hospitality.
“As well as the huge economic benefit to our food and tourism industries, the Web Summit is a golden opportunity, here on our doorstep to raise Ireland’s food and tourism image and to change many misconceptions. It is the perfect opportunity to inaugurate our “Hall of Fame” highlighting to a world audience the passion and pride in our cultural roots of farming, food and warmth of hospitality” says Margaret Jeffares, Founder and CEO of Good Food Ireland.
“Without the vision of Good Food Ireland, the Food Summit would not have happened. Having farmers and these amazing chefs from all over Ireland coming together for our delegates is a huge benefit to the country and a personal pride for me” says Paddy Cosgrave, Founder and CEO of the Web Summit.
Good Food Ireland’s partnership with the Web Summit will bring together Ireland’s food and tourism business entrepreneurs with world leaders in technology, marketing and business. The “Food Summit with Good Food Ireland” takes place in a purpose built structure in Herbert Park on November 4th to 6th 2014 and will be attended by some 20,000 delegates from Ireland and around the world as well as over 1000 key international media. Ireland's leading restaurants, hotels, pubs, cafés, food shops and cookery schools from the four corners of Ireland will come together to highlight the taste and flavour of our country. It will be the biggest ever showcase of Irish food and a unique cultural experience.