Harnett’s Oils Seek PGI Status for Iveagh Rapeseed Oils

If you’re a fan of Harnett’s Rapeseed Oils, then you’re familiar with their cold-pressed Rapeseed oil with a full nutty flavour. If you’re not, it’s the sort of oil that’s rich in health benefits, and that can wake-up any salad with its impressive flavours. There is a flavour and richness to this Oil that is unique to the Bann and Lagan Valleys.

Jane Harnett is currently campaigning to get PGI status for these oils. PGI status is set by the European Union to protect food grown and produced in a specific geographical region. You might be familiar with this idea from things like The Waterford Blaa or Clare Island Salmon, whose unique flavours are credited to the place where they come from. Their PGI status means that only a Blaa produced in Waterford can be called a Waterford Blaa.

Jane’s application for Iveagh Rapeseed Oil has passed the UK stage and is now being reviewed by the European Union. If Harnett’s were to succeed in getting PGI status for their oils, then Iveagh  Rapeseed Oil would have to be grown, dried, cold-pressed, filtered and bottled within the Iveagh region. This would ensure the quality of oils labelled with the Iveagh brand, as it would limit them to those oils that come directly from Iveagh.

The reason this makes a difference, is so that consumers can differentiate between different rapeseed oils. There is a higher mark of quality with oils that are produced in a specific region like this. For instance the Bann and Lagan valleys are known for their fertile drumlins and deep alluvial soils. These soils have produced some of the finest award-winning rapeseed oil we’ve ever tasted and we wish all at Harnett’s Oils the best of luck in obtaining PGI status.