Those of us relaxed enough not to mind a garden that gets a bit overgrown might find some interesting  culinary treasure hiding there, this time of year. Picks of the season include fantastic young wild garlic leaves – the start of the season so no sign of the pretty white blossoms as yet. Another little spot may reveal some young nettles – just like these ones.  What do you do with these wild finds?

Wild garlic makes great pesto – use it in recipes instead of fresh basil and slather it over hot pasta for a simple seasonal  supper. It also adds to marinades for fish and meat. Whenever it appears in this writer’s garden,  it gets thrown into everything from a bog standard meat stew to posh Potato Gratins! Nettles are super for the seasonal soup of the moment!  They also make nettle tea which is a good cleanser and detox tea. Have a wander round your garden today – you may find these and other forageable greenery  like young wild mint – just waiting to be used for a refreshing Mojito for after you’ve made the pesto and soup!