Learn to Cook with Granny Griffin’s 5 week Saturday course

Learn to cook with Granny Griffin and the Head Chef of The Spinning Wheel Restaurant with this 5 Week Saturday Morning cookery course.

There’s no time like the present when it comes to getting things done, and at The Spinning Wheel Restaurant in Griffin’s Garden Centre, they are teaching you to cook now. This five week course is steeped in home cooking and baking demonstrations from the notorious Granny Griffin and The Spinning Wheel’s Head Chef Raphael Delage.

You will learn everything from how to make healthy meals for an entire family, almost healthy desserts, how to be a better baker, to fillet and cook fish, stocks, soups, sauces and plenty more. This is a crash course in cooking that will be fun, tasty and insightful!

The course will take place every Saturday from 11am to 12pm and you can expect to leave with a bunch of Granny Griffin’s favourite recipes. The dates for the course are Jan 23rd, Jan 30th, Feb 6th, Feb 13th, and Feb 20th. You can take the courses individually or as a package for just €40. Booking is essential as they will sell out.