Well it was in the paper in black and white yesterday, so it must be true! According to an article in yesterday’s Irish Times, reporting on new research just done by Scottish scientists, it seems chocolate is actually good for you!  (In moderation, says the small print!) Research showed small amounts of chocolate, allegedly up to 100g a day,  lowers the risk of heart problems.  Chocolate also contains serotonin which creates the feelgood factor, so says the article. And better still, the piece reports on Esthechoc, a new creation of a former scientist at Cambridge University, a specialist chocolate  which is said to reduce wrinkles significantly by boosting antioxidant levels! Wow! Break open a bar of your favourite chocolate right now (we’d recommend any of the top quality artisan handmade chocolates from our specialist Chocolatiers!). It’s good news day for chocoholics everywhere!