Have you got what it takes to work in a busy and award winning kitchen? Do you want to learn new culinary skills and techniques? Do you long to cook with the best local and seasonal ingredients in a professional arena where passion for produce is paramount?  Surrounded by staff who are wholly committed to perfection on every plate? If so, we might have the answer!

Kevin Aherne, owner and Head Chef at Sage Restaurant in Midleton Co.Cork is a trailblazer in innovation in food. His menu is based on ingredients sourced from a 12 mile radius of his kitchen. He knows every one of his suppliers personally. Kevin's  staff are trained in the art of appreciating every scrap of this local bounty, and using it to the best of it's flavour potential in cooking. If all this sounds like a career you want to embark upon, here is a chance to work and learn alongside this nationally respected chef. The traditional apprenticeship scheme is alive and well in this top Irish kitchen – and that is very good news indeed for some dedicated person who is willing to put in  the time and effort it takes to rise to the top in the cookery game.

The Sage Apprenticeship Programme is now open for applications. It’s a four year professional cookery apprenticeship which will cover all aspects of cooking as a full time professional career. Applicants should email the restaurant with a cover letter, reference and personal statement highlighting suitablility for the programme. Closing date is 20th August 2015. The first apprentice at Sage is now graduating and there are two other chefs on this programme. The lucky person this year will be joining them!

Interested? Apply now on [email protected]