Don’t say we don’t bring you the very latest food trend, as it happens worldwide!The lastest buzzword in street food in New York City has just hit the news. According to a Guardian article today, the spaghetti cone is the newest way to eat your favourite pasta while on the move. The Spaghetti Cone was invented by chef Emanuele Attala at his restaurant the Spaghetti Incident, on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Street food lovers in the area can buy a takeaway portion of his delicious spaghetti with a choice of sauce – which will be duly dispensed in a thick paper cone – said to be the perfect way of eating spaghetti while taking in the sights and sounds of this eventful city. Attala's idea apparently came from old photos of his hometown of Rimini, where in the 1950’s,  beach festivals were thrown to boost spirits after the devastation of World War II. Vendors placed their food to go  in cones made from wax paper. When you think about it, a cone is easy to carry in one hand while twirling spaghetti up on a fork with the other, and its enclosed shape would keep the food hot as you stroll. The writer of the article tested this theory, and goes as far as to say the spaghetti cone is a ‘miracle of physics.’ The cone has already been used here and in the UK as a presentation for traditional fish and chips, which in the old days were always wrapped in newspaper. So we can well imagine it’s a practical solution for pasta. If you’re flying to NYC any time soon, head to Manhattan to try out this latest idea from the city that never sleeps!   Do you think the spaghetti cone could catch on here?!