Just in time for Father's Day this weekend, Sunday 21st June, A Cheat’s Guide to Gourmet Cooking takes place on Saturday 20th June

Teaching simple recipes to fool friends and family into believing you are a gourmet cook. No real cheating involved,  but  great tips and shortcuts for reaching the level of fine dining,  without spending all day at the hob.  Many dishes included on this popular one day course –  scallops with pink grapefruit and beurre blanc with a crab and apple salad, duck breast with glazed chicory, star anise and grapes, broad bean and asparagus salad with mint and ricotta and cherry clafoutis, are just some of the dishes that will increase your ability to impress in the kitchen.  A perfect for Dad this weekend.

As we all know, men love taking charge of the barbecue! It brings out the inner cave man in them! Our BBQ day course falls on Saturday 27th June. The session is brimming with ideas,  offering a wide range of interesting marinades for meat and fish, teaching techniques on preparing and cooking on the barbeque, and accompying ideas for great salsas, salads and other side dishes.

Dishes include naan breads with baba ghanouj, butterflied leg of lamb marinated with spices, spiced hoisin ribs, grilled sea bass with yoghurt and spices, roasted vegetables with red pepper harissa, robust and flavourful salads, along with other meat and vegetarian dishes, salsas, chutneys and dessert.

 All our one day courses involve a wonderful and sociable sit down lunch enjoyed with a few glasses of wine.

Our men only Our evening Cooking for Blokes course is on Wednesday 1st July. This lively session encourages more confidence by teaching basics like knife skills,  to cooking techniques and the art of presentation. The menu is designed to allow the cook to WOW friends and family the next time they are invited round for dinner.

Give Dad a gift he can enjoy for a long time to come this Father's Day weekend. Book courses onthe above links.